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Hard in the tempered time

Le 17 février 2017, 04:27 dans Humeurs 0

Life is in the suffering before the line, tired, can not stop, bitter, can not avoid.


No matter how we live, is careful, or Taidalielie, the difficulties are always unexpected. But yesterday's sharpening shape today's own, time will always tell you, in the sharpening strong, in the sharpening growth.


Everyone in the beginning of life, are just an ordinary stone, bleak. Then we work hard, we struggle, grow up in learning, let the time to grind us into a beautiful gem. We do not let go of any chance, do our best, hold the greatest hope, perseverance. But sometimes no matter how serious we are, always can not avoid the failure, this time we will understand that not all efforts will have a return.


In the tempered in the time strong, best effort, a clear conscience.


In the calm of the night, I will suddenly fall into contemplation, thinking now that they are not friendly, what needs to change the place. We always want to be a better person, become more popular people, become everyone loved. This is human, everyone wants to be a popular person, but some people inexplicable hate you, hostile to you, no matter how hard we are, some people do not recognize you, this time we will understand that not everyone will like you The


In the tempered in the strong, do their own, kindly care about their own people.


Smiling face of life, each of us is trying to snail, burdened with heavy responsibility. Family, work, that can not be relaxed, but we have to try to decorate their own life, learn sun and rain, have a different kind of style, even if not understood by others, but also strong forward.


We are all one of the mortal beings, ordinary and fragile. We have no invincible power, the pain will hurt, sad tears, but time will teach us how to deal with the pain, how to make their own happy, how to make their own strong. Time so that we calmly deal with suffering, no fear.


Long way of life, time is our mentor, tell us what is life, what is happiness, what is suffering. Experience the ups and downs of life, so that in the process of growing up gradually become a better person, even if there are setbacks, suffering, but also let us in the tempered in the strong.


We can not live up to the hard work of yesterday, we can not live up to today's tenacious struggle of their own, if life is a long journey, we enjoy the scenery along the way, we should pay attention to the foot of the road, because the road can not always be flat , There are muddy and bumpy.


In the tempered in the time strong, the next day dawn, this moment strong.

Give you a house of sunshine

Le 9 février 2017, 04:00 dans Humeurs 0

Give you a house of sunshine





From the beginning, I knew, I want to give you an orange room.




I particularly like the mix of orange and black, lively and yet stable.




I imagine, the sun through the orange curtains, shed the warmth of that house.




Outside the window, there are two tall trees with the window.




A lilac, in the spring will open a lavender flower.




There is a tree I do not know the name, this season, is open white flowers.




You will be a child growing up in the sun and the flowers.




As for the design of your room, I was single-handedly arranged from start to finish.




I want it to be childish and not too childish.




So you can stay here for a long time.




The walls of the room is the father personally brush, the wall painting is he hung for you.




And I assembled the red cupboard and black crib for you.




And personally design and production of hanging in the closet door on the orange little flag.




The two rocking chairs in the window,




One is mine, and I will sit there and feed you to sleep.




One is yours and you will have a lot of photos sitting on this rocking chair thin client solutions.




Your room will, of course, be decorated with owls.




This is my favorite bird, it is full of spirituality, is a symbol of wisdom.




Today is the first anniversary of our move into this house suv car rental.




The sun shone through the shutters and the orange curtains in the summer afternoon.




I began to look forward to next year, today, you and I, each sitting in their chairs, shake ah shake the afternoon time dermes.




- Dedicated to my soon-to-be-born child

Several scattered clouds, eventually become the past

Le 5 janvier 2017, 04:29 dans Humeurs 0

The dream of red peach cup, lonely lonely months ago; thinking enemy, ink in search of news, do not read the past, gone with the wind.

How to count the time, years old, those who dream of the way the story, seems to always in the memories of parking. Often; in an old song in a melodious Memorial, even in the days of waiting, still a loss of too much worry, life is the most beautiful scenery on the road, lost forever in the left behind too much miss, destined to become a kind of unspeakable sadness, like the falling paper text. There are some words that make people feel so heartache.

The pool leaves thin, situationed ink, breeze to vivid, night moon, a dream heart blank, but I do not know what to ask; in the twinkling of an eye; green bottle cup, drunk to listen to pen not old; clouds transit, remembering the original injury. Perhaps no one likes to recall more than I do, and so on, sit in front of the window, thinking of the past in the picture, the end of the book is the voice of personnel, but also the last deserted.

Light song of wine, write the spring and Autumn period, a year old shadow, small flowers and falling back. So a few human dream to the guest, do not want to hold the notes filled with hurt words words, look back along the way, the rest almost all seclusion, yet inviting sad more broken memories. How much time the scenery, eventually in the blink of an eye behind, and fill in the box of beautiful memories.

Events such as wind, memory and set off time in the white gauze, letterhead, sentimental and text after the dialogue, as revealed from the fingertips, the past is always miss miss, that's gone, in the scenery behind the misty dream voiceless. Yes; this stop and go days, really seems to be his fall too much, lonely in the city, most of the dwelling, or emotional blocks of text knowledge.

In the world, too many back and forth, those dreams had bloomed in the end is a debauch, in the last years mottled stars, left over from yesterday's beautiful, even gentle eyes, also could not bear to say goodbye, perhaps, as well as the intentions of love people, even strangers apart, that once a vigor of the emotions, is always the most true, but finally; each other, Rouqingsishui will be interpreted into the heart Wedding planner.

Quiet night, stopped the hands of the pen, eyes closed, thinking, seems to think too much. Sometimes; I don't hate your indifference, but do not resent their self, and I hate your memory, will be a period of the past, think again, because that will make me sad moment into a habit, can not find a trace of warmth traces, and the text is still sway.

The sea heart tower, the wind in the willows shadow before, but the size of a shaking body, lack of self, the wind passing away. The injury character falling paper, and write down to the clouds, a few cups of loneliness, brandish on paper for me over a month ago, drink a pot of wine, but always refused to do the dream book sounds overwhelming. Sparse off shadow; a drunk, wine knowledge injury, no one asked in love, this is me, will I have sometimes to complete glass.

Time still, just a reincarnation the vicissitudes of the heart, those who have the beautiful past, faltering of the time, it has become the scars of memory, we can't go back, the passage of time, too wet eyes irrepressible tears, was far away from all those people and things once. The forever in the memory of the palm, I always believe that this precipitation and the emotion, finally is the time change of clouds business registration in hk.

The leaves withered, will be covered with road, Wushirenfei, past yunyan. All this, it is life to follow the trajectory, sometimes we try to change the outcome, and finally incapable of action, between reality and fantasy, forever true, the dream is again beautiful, also will be broken by the cruel reality, and finally the lack of courage, I think it is because of too much penetration will cause let an original heart with fear.

In the past as a cloud, just pinch grip Memorial, shock touch memory strings, remember many years ago, we shared the story, through hard mud in the rain, the youth grass sat on the floor, smile to see clear, ebb and flow, miss will eventually become the sigh, too many things are don't stop the time on the slow play, finally scattered in the past, only once, not to end the dream, all have good business bank account requirement.

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