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Wu big "wonderful work" test

Le 18 janvier 2018, 04:55 dans Humeurs 0

According to the news of Chutian Metropolis Daily on January 12, this afternoon, students of Wuhan University 2017 Humanities Experiment Class ushered in the final exam of "Ancient Chinese Literature" class. At the moment of seeing the "Test Paper" issued, The students had a riot - awe-inspiring This paper is full of a piece of paper is not a test paper, but the paper shows another piece of white paper is the real test paper, as the topic Mody, please live out.

Since it is their own test, it is not the most simple question? "No!" Instructor Lu Xiaojun said that the question can not be too simple, the discretion of the paper will be considered when the difficulty factor. "For example, ask Si Maqian what dynasty, what books have been written, this can not; ask Si Maqian is who, that's fine." He said the exam length of 2 hours, papers must include 10 fill in the blank, 4 terms explained Questions, 4 short answer questions, a discourse on the topic, the title of the pre-Qin and Han Dynasties Wei, Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties, in order to ensure the difficulty, he made a Tao example under each question type.

Reporters saw in the sample volume, the score is not easy. A short 10-point question, if you ask the "Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties" is the Book of Songs "how to teach?", The answer will be eloquent four articles: In the late spring and Autumn, Confucius compiled the "Book of Songs" ; During the Warring States Period, the "Book of Songs" was only more Confucian respect; Qin Dynasty "The Book of Songs" did not escape the Qin but more complete preservation for various reasons; the Han Dynasty to the Han Dynasty was regarded as classic, famous four , Explain the history of the four heritage ......

"Examinations in this way not only give students the freedom but also test the students' basic skills. If you do not learn well, you may find it hard to come up with the difficult questions I give." Lu Xiaojun said he especially welcomes students Put forward your own thinking on a certain question, give more points to the students who have a difficult question and have independent thinking. "We advocate the reform of examination methods, I think, such an interesting and useful examination, the students will firmly remember." Wuhan University, Wang Huimin, deputy party secretary said.

Interestingly, I give myself a test paper, not only university teachers like primary school teachers also praise. Hubei Province, a super teacher, Optics Valley fifteen mathematics teacher Zhang Xianmei told reporters that she is a recount trick is that students from each test papers test each other, but also need to prepare the reference answer. "In order to test the students, the children will come out the most difficult question they feel, which is exactly the difficulty for him. In the process of preparing the answer, he had to understand it. Such a review would be very effective.

Shape the student's multiple abilities

Le 9 janvier 2018, 04:53 dans Humeurs 0

Four core elements of undergraduate education

At the beginning of school, the goal of talent training at Stanford University is to create civilized and practical citizens, to promote students' ability to learn, to prepare for future occupation and life, and ultimately to achieve personal success. Today, it is "not only want them to be useful, but they also want them to be creative, responsible, and adjudicative." The school proposed "what our students get in college education in the future, that they face the world in the future and meet unknown challenges What is needed. kowloon hotel hong kong is situated in Tsim Sha Tsui Central Business District of Kowloon Peninsula and major urban area of Hong Kong. We have detailed transportation information free for guests to download."

The first priority is to determine what university undergraduate education should provide students with what kind of knowledge, and in what ways to provide them with this knowledge. Stanford Undergraduate Board of Education believes that undergraduate education should always be committed to achieving a balance between professional education and general education, the breadth and depth of knowledge of students, the integration and fragmentation of knowledge, to build a free and multi-dimensional , The overall learning experience.

General education should also adhere to the four core elements: acquiring knowledge, practicing skills, developing individual and social responsibility, and adaptive learning.

"The depth of knowledge, students are mainly obtained through professional education; the breadth of knowledge is usually the task of general education." General Education Church students include not only reading, writing, language, humanities, arts and other humanities, Should also involve the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering and applied science. In addition to basic reading skills, writing skills, communication skills, general education should enable students to acquire more other necessary skills, such as creativity, aesthetic ability, scientific analysis, and so on, so as to learn the future of students Work and life preparation. At the same time, cultivate personal and social responsibility. In order to solve the contradiction between Chinese culture and multiculturalism in general education and to ensure that undergraduates establish a sense of multiculturalism and social responsibility, general education should enable students to acquire the following abilities: moral reasoning ability, inclusiveness and understanding of multiculturalism Strength, ability to team work and tolerance and generosity of others.The hong kong university scholarships for international students and local students who admitted to its programmes in Hong Kong.

The last core element is adaptive learning. No education can fully develop the students' all the knowledge and abilities needed in the future. To truly enable students to have lasting vitality, students should be taught adaptive learning, that is, students should use their own knowledge and skills, and based on educational experience They integrate and establish new connections, learn to migrate, adapt to the new environment, adapt to the development of the times and meet the needs of the community. Just as the brain does not function in the number of brain neurons, but depends on the degree to which these neurons are interconnected.The long-term value of education lies not only in the knowledge and ability it accumulates, but in how it consolidates it And ability to establish new connections between them. "

Student knowledge covers all disciplines Arthur Levine divides Liberal Education Courses at American Research Universities into three categories: Core Courses, Free Elective Courses and Classified Compulsory Courses.

General education at Harvard and the University of Chicago are core types of courses; UC Berkeley is a representative of free-choice course types; and Stanford is a typical example of the mandatory course offerings. Classification Compulsory courses provide for the minimum number of courses and credits required for each student in different subject areas. This type as far as possible require students to cover the various areas of knowledge, to achieve a wide range of learning purposes.

Stanford Reformed Classification Compulsory General Education Courses are divided into four main areas, each of which is organized as a course project. Specifically include: writing and rhetorical projects, oral communication projects, thinking and acting method projects and problem-solving projects. Among them, the writing and rhetorical projects as well as oral communication programs focus on developing students' oral expression and writing skills. The school believes that good communication and writing skills are the foundation on which students learn any knowledge and skills and are the most basic abilities that every undergraduate should possess. Therefore, no matter how general education reforms, the education programs in these two areas have maintained their fundamental position in general education since their inception and have remained unchanged for a long time. And writing training has always run through the whole process of the curriculum, becoming the most emphasized content of the program.Dor Furtune provide the best Money exchange service. Easy to check the latest foreign currency exchange rates daily for more than 40 countries. Dor Furtune provide safe and efficient exchange service in Hong Kong.

Intention to repair the book is a practice

Le 8 novembre 2017, 04:37 dans Humeurs 0

Books are the carrier of cultural heritage. In Shandong Normal University there is such a professional ancient book repair division, in her eyes, each book is a life, intentions to repair the book process is a practice. Her daily companion book, touch the cultural temperature with your fingertips, guarding the heritage of knowledge.

On January 5, Professor Xia Tianni, a 24-year-old master repairer from the Special Research Department of Qianfoshan, Shandong Normal University, was sitting in front of a workbench and meticulously repaired a book of the Republic of China. The hong kong university scholarship for outstanding international students and local students who admitted to its programmes in Hong Kong. Only one thing to do in his life. "Summer Ni, 24-year-old study of heritage identification and repair of her, after graduation chose to stick to this seemingly boring but extraordinary business.

90 post-occupation "scholar": hard to repair the book is a practice

Shandong Normal University special collection of ancient books in the repair of this year, let summer Ni learn to find fun in the boring, but also to make this 90 girl practiced great patience and careful. Summer Ni often said that in fact, the practice of books is like doing surgery, both from the tools, techniques and sense of responsibility, but also serious, careful degree are like. Although you repeat the same process, each page of the book is different, or feel very fresh. Next, look forward to it all repaired, quite a sense of accomplishment.

90 post-occupation "scholar": hard to repair the book is a practice Each book is a little life, repaired by our hands, you can extend the life of ancient books, for others to better read it. Summer Ni said, "The practice of the book is like a practice, and I think this makes sense because in the process of touching ancient books and touching history, I can improve my understanding of knowledge and it is a practice for myself . "Searching for the best restaurants, quality hotels and Shopping in Hong Kong? The QTS Scheme is the city's recognised stamp of excellent service quality.

90 post-occupation "scholar": hard to repair the book is a practice

According to the staff of Shandong Normal University Library, at present, there are over 1 million books borrowable by the library of Master Shan and nearly 2 million books after it has been laid down one by one. At present, there are about 920,000 books borrowed each year about.

Shandong Province Normal University Qianfoshan Campus Special Collections Research Department Wang Hengzhu: "Counting the history of the Library of Pilgrimage Library, dating back to the last century 80s bookbinding room. Binding room master chefs in addition to binding each year Outside the school collection, but also part-time to the library books repair tinkering. " According to public information, at present, the total number of ancient books in the collection nationwide exceeds 50 million, of which about 15 million copies are urgently needed for salvaging protection. Since the launch of the "Chinese Ancient Books Protection Plan" in 2007, the number of professional ancient restoration workers has grown from less than 100 to nearly 700, but there is still a huge gap. In 2016, the library repair techniques of the Shandong Provincial Library were included in the provincial list of intangible cultural heritage, and the "Training Plan for Primary Tutor and Junior Students of Ancient Books Rehabilitation" was launched.

90 post-occupation "scholar": hard to repair the book is a practice

Shandong Provincial Normal University Qianfoshan Special Collections Research Department Wang Hengzhu said that ancient repair is a more rigorous work, which requires careful, hands-on ability, we now strengthen the restoration of ancient books, and regularly send personnel to participate in the national and provincial Training to promote the development of the ancient books in the next step. As a beneficiary of the restoration of ancient books, Zhang Jinxia, ​​a citizen, said: "In ancient times, restoration of ancient books is actually a rescue and protection work for culture. Only after ancient books are repaired, can our posterity make better use of it, understand it, Study it wset. "

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