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It is practicable to introduce the

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 successful experience of hotel management and service to hospitals in the same service industry. There are many similarities between the two. First of all, the development process is similar. Most of the hotels in our country belong to public institutions like hospitals, and they have eaten "royal grain". With the development of society and the progress of the industry, there has been a painful experience of being stripped from the "parent" and forced to go to the market. Secondly. The composition of personnel is similar, there are service personnel, technical personnel, assistant personnel, these personnel to support each other, mutual cooperation, in order to ensure the overall efficient operation. Third, the nature of the business is similar, are "customer" as the work center rather than "product" as the center; in the service experience, are highly concerned about "people" and "facilities and places" of the enterprise, hotel guests and hospital patients, consumer products are mainly intangible services, is a special experience. These common points decide that the hospital should learn from the advanced management and service of the hotel.

As shown in Figure 1.

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3 process design

As a hotel management system, its service targets are hotels and guests. Therefore, a good hotel management system should make both parties feel quick and convenient when using. According to the basic information Enjoy our business center service today to save all the overheads and rent. easyCorp provides your business with virtual office and correspondence address to comply with the company registration law of Hong Kong.such as the name and password entered by the guests, the system will automatically generate the relevant information of the hotel for users to inquire. The staff can login to the system to update regularly the basic information of the hotel. The system flow is shown in Figure 2. The main business process of the system is as follows: First, enter the user name and password according to the identity of the user to login to the system. Then, the front desk staff will register and record the occupancy information of the guests. Next, the housekeeping staff check the information of the guests and provide room service for the guests. Finally, when guests check out, enter the system to check out the bill Check out our premium hotels in kowloon hong kong.Hong Kong offers top-class accomodation in Kowloon with easy access to MTR station. Offers various quality rooms at special rates. Make your reservation now!. 4. The development of database design technology has become an important part of advanced information technology. It is the foundation and core of modern computer information system and computer application system. The core of the hotel management system is actually how to use and operate the database, so the design of the database is very important The SQL Server database management system developed by Microsoft Corporation of the United States is to centralize the processing of data resources through central processing, mainly on the client and server. This database management system is simple to operate, does not require professional personnel to operate, can effectively save money, and thus better into the construction of the hotel. SQL Server database can achieve data sharing, equipment does not need to have a strong data storage and processing functions, reducing the cost of hardware for the hotel, saving the hotel management costs. The hotel management system mainly involves the customer information registration form and the room information table. The customer information registration form is shown in Table 1. chart

70 students from a university

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Planner: students like the handwritten Spring Festival couplets

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  "I didn't expect our handwritten couplets to be so popular. In the early days of the event, it was thought that there would be a shortage of demand, and 600 pairs of couplets were purchased ahead of time and sent to all class students in advance. But later, we can not meet the needs of everyone, which is our unexpected. " Meng Qi, the responsible man, told reporters that many of the students were very patient and waited for the authors to finish writing, and also asked the organizers a lot of questions about calligraphy. "Although it is very tired, it is very happy to see the students like the couplets we have written."

  When asked about the difficulties in the activity, Ma Mengqi said that temperature is the biggest difficulty, not only the hands are frozen stiff, but also the ink and brush will have some influence. "Fortunately, everyone is very confident of their activities, and they all bite their teeth and stick to it."

  "Now everyone is bringing up the revival of traditional culture. As a student of the calligraphy department, I think it is very necessary for us to take this responsibility. I want more people to come in. " Ma Mengqi said.

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  Student, net friend: this kind of activity is a good one in our school

  After the "spring festival couplet" activity was pushed by the WeChat campus platform, the students at the scene of the activity sought endless stream of couplets. The school student Song Wen (a pseudonym) said he had always admired the students of the calligraphy department, so it's not easy to stick to the scene book and portrait on such a cold day. "This antithetical couplet I prepare the new year posted in our dormitory door complacent festivity!"

  Some students also reflect the activity time is too short, after the next class has been sent out, it is a pity, but can understand the students of the calligraphy department.

  For this "spring festival couplet activities", netizens have expressed that it is "the school of other people's home". Some netizens say this kind of activity is very meaningful, and I hope that the school can also have it.

  Also some netizens said: "I also want a handwritten couplet like this." "There should be more activities to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture," the netizen said.

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