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Exhibition showcases China's achievements in space

Le 26 avril 2017, 05:23 dans Humeurs 0

Chinese astronauts Yang Liwei (right) and Liu Yang (second from right) at the exhibition opening. [Photo by Jiang Dong/China Daily]


A survival kit that China’s first astronaut Yang Liwei used, a giant parachute that brought the re-entry module of the Shenzhou V spaceship to Earth and wreckage of rockets are on show at an Aerospace Objects Exhibition at the National Museum of China.


The Beijing exhibition was opened on April 24 to mark the second China Aerospace Day, and runs through May 25.


The exhibition features 63 objects from National Museum of China's collection and 10 objects on loan from the China Manned Space Agency, as a testament to the country's ambitious aerospace project.


Among the exhibits is an installation which bears the palm prints of China's 11 astronauts who have gone into space.


Handwritten letters from battlefields and deathbeds touch viewers nationwide

Le 12 avril 2017, 05:29 dans Humeurs 0

In 1647, three years after Manchu forces overtook the Ming court to rule China, the country was still in turbulence as advocates of the old regime battled the new. Xia Wanchun was one of them. The 16-year-old was captured but he refused to surrender, instead choosing to die for his cause apartment hong kong.


The teenager's sacrifice has fade in modern history, but a recent TV program on Heilongjiang provincial satellite channel brought the 17th-century fighter back to spotlight.


Letters Alive, a 12-episode culture program to showcase the enduring charm of written correspondence, invited actor Lin Gengxin to read Xia's last letter to his family. To date, the program with 11 star performers reading 90 remarkable letters has been watched nearly 200 million times on the streaming site and There's a studio audience as well dr bk laser.


Up to 14 percent of the letters read on screen were written toward the end of a writer's life. The majority are from Communist revolutionaries and military officers, with the rest penned by famous people who either committed suicide or suffered from major diseases.


Hailed as "serious" among mainly entertainment programs today, Letters Alive got high marks on, a popular Chinese platform.


For producers, the overwhelming response to the program has not only been uplifting but has also highlighted a trend that they want to explore further Dream beauty pro hard sell.


Hard in the tempered time

Le 17 février 2017, 04:27 dans Humeurs 0

Life is in the suffering before the line, tired, can not stop, bitter, can not avoid.


No matter how we live, is careful, or Taidalielie, the difficulties are always unexpected. But yesterday's sharpening shape today's own, time will always tell you, in the sharpening strong, in the sharpening growth.


Everyone in the beginning of life, are just an ordinary stone, bleak. Then we work hard, we struggle, grow up in learning, let the time to grind us into a beautiful gem. We do not let go of any chance, do our best, hold the greatest hope, perseverance. But sometimes no matter how serious we are, always can not avoid the failure, this time we will understand that not all efforts will have a return.


In the tempered in the time strong, best effort, a clear conscience nuskin hk.


In the calm of the night, I will suddenly fall into contemplation, thinking now that they are not friendly, what needs to change the place. We always want to be a better person, become more popular people, become everyone loved. This is human, everyone wants to be a popular person, but some people inexplicable hate you, hostile to you, no matter how hard we are, some people do not recognize you, this time we will understand that not everyone will like you The


In the tempered in the strong, do their own, kindly care about their own people.


Smiling face of life, each of us is trying to snail, burdened with heavy responsibility. Family, work, that can not be relaxed, but we have to try to decorate their own life, learn sun and rain, have a different kind of style, even if not understood by others, but also strong forward nuskin hk.


We are all one of the mortal beings, ordinary and fragile. We have no invincible power, the pain will hurt, sad tears, but time will teach us how to deal with the pain, how to make their own happy, how to make their own strong. Time so that we calmly deal with suffering, no fear.


Long way of life, time is our mentor, tell us what is life, what is happiness, what is suffering. Experience the ups and downs of life, so that in the process of growing up gradually become a better person, even if there are setbacks, suffering, but also let us in the tempered in the strong.


We can not live up to the hard work of yesterday, we can not live up to today's tenacious struggle of their own, if life is a long journey, we enjoy the scenery along the way, we should pay attention to the foot of the road, because the road can not always be flat , There are muddy and bumpy.


In the tempered in the time strong, the next day dawn, this moment strong service apartment hong kong.

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