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Even If You Don’t Appear to Be

Le 17 novembre 2016, 04:50 dans Humeurs 0

1. You’re curious–like a cat.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it also helped motivate some of the most influential people in history. It drove Benjamin Franklin to tie keys to kite strings during storms. It drove James Cameron to build a one-of-a-kind submarine to explore the Mariana Trench. It drove the first person that ever sucked on cow udders to discover milk. Yes, maybe natural curiosity causes you to try some things that others think are just weird and crazy–but where would we be without that curiosity? Sitting around with no electricity, no idea of the depth of the ocean, and no milk, that’s where.


If you’re one of these honorable curiosities, then there’s also no doubt that…


2. You ask way too many questions.

It’s a common misconception that “smart people always have an answer”. The truth of the matter is that smart people are always searching for an answer, and always asking questions of the world around them–and where better to ask than the internet? Nowadays, we have the ability at our fingertips to access an archive of collective human knowledge… but most people are too busy snapping selfies to notice. The trick behind finding the right information on the internet is knowing how to ask the right questions–something smart people do all the time.


Unfortunately, a lot of information in media and on the internet is pretty skewed in our society, which leads us to the next indicator that you’re actually really smart…


3. You’re a skeptic.

Skeptics don’t take anything at face value. They want to know the truth, and aren’t distracted by false and illogical claims. They often catch flack for not conforming to conventionally accepted norms, but sleep well knowing that they think for themselves.


Now, this is not to say that all skeptics are smart, or even that all smart skeptics are correct in their skepticism, no, because even if you are the smartest of skeptics…


4. You are not afraid to admit when you are wrong.

“I know one thing: that I know nothing” – Socrates


This quote is often referred to as the “Socratic Paradox”, and it means to highlight that the wiser person is not the person who presumes to know everything, but rather the person who recognizes that they don’t. This runs counter to today’s popular idea that smart people should never admit that they’re wrong or mistaken–but we all know that one smart guy who thinks he knows everything… and we all know he’s not really that smart.


So keep on admitting you’re wrong. It’s healthy, and a sign that…

Your Hair for Fall and Winter: 8 Must-Read Tips

Le 8 novembre 2016, 05:49 dans Humeurs 0

1. Get a trim

Getting rid of split ends is one of the first things I perform in fall. Brittle and split ends that have been damaged by summer rays are unlikely to recover. They are the most easily-damaged part of our tresses, thus we should have our ends trimmed every two month in order to avoid fried and worn look. Getting a regular trim is a good way to Информция для турагентств Гонконг enhance your hair and keep it healthy.


2. Go for oils and natural ingredients

This hair care ploy is not the season’s exclusive, but in fall and winter your hair needs much more natural ingredients than ever. Intense summer heat, salt water and harsh chemicals of SPF sprays make your tresses straw-like and lifeless. By keeping your products all natural you prevent further dryness and itching. I avoid using synthetic and alcohol-based products since they strip my hair of nutrients and damage natural protective layer of my scalp. Vegetable oils are another go-to component in hair treatment. Adding a few drops of Hong Kong Land Operators coconut oil to my shampoo makes my locks supple and radiant. I also rub a few drops of oil in the ends, when my hair is a bit wet.


3. Give it a tint

Summer always means sun-kissed hair with the natural effect of color blocking or ombré. Highlights look absolutely astonishing on brown-haired and blonde girls. However, my ends usually look two or three shades lighter than the rest of my hair and the effect is likely to fade out in a month. I opt for darker hues to even out my hair color and make the transition less visible. Plus, high-end hair color agents provide a good treatment for split ends.


4. Stock up on heat protectant products

While summer ponytails and other unpretentious Hong Kong Land Operators hairdos are very sparing for your hair, fall always means excess usage of hair dryer, iron and styling products, which are highly harmful to your locks. I’ve been using the flat iron for many years and I just cannot do it without a good heat shield to protect my hair. Not only do they keep my hair healthier, but also make my styling longer.

The Career I Pursue

Le 13 juin 2016, 05:24 dans Humeurs 0

Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic The Career I Pursue. You should write no less than 120 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese ) below:
Remember to write your composition coherently and neatly.
As they differ in their interests, abilities and objectives in life, different people pursue different careers. Some love to be doctors, while others prefer to be scientists. Some like to be workers, whereas others choose to be technicians. My ideal career, however, is teaching. The reasons are as follows.
First, I can enjoy much freedom in my work. I will not frequently be told what to do and how to do it. The content of my lessons and the way I give them are largely determined by myself, which will leave more room for my imagination and creativity. In addition, I can always stay young mentally. Being with the young people most of the time, I will be influenced by their idea and lifestyle. I will then, feel that I am always in fashion. Furthermore, I will have two long vacations and much flexible time in which I can enjoy doing what I like to do.
But teaching is also a demanding career, especially in a society as ours in which new things and knowledge come in multitude. Therefore, I have to read as much as possible to acquire the knowledge needed for my work.

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