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Eye diet regain method

Le 8 novembre 2017, 04:37 dans Humeurs 0

Intermittent rest

Short rest time allows the eyes to relax, it is best to leave the seat, looking for some long-range goals, about to maintain about 10 seconds, a little rest, the eyes of the infinite help.

Eye movement

If you sit at the computer table for an hour in a row, you can try to do some eye exercises, such as looking up at a breath, looking back at the middle, take a breath, so exercise about three times repeated, and finally continue below, the left And repeat the same action on the right side.


In fact, blinking action allows the eyes to secrete tears, keep the eye moist, OL for wearing contact lenses is very important! Many women just because they are so focused on their work that they have been staring at the computer screen for a long time and forget to wink so simple and dry at the other.


Breathing breath

Breathing on the eye helpful? As a matter of fact, when breathing, blood circulation can be accelerated. According to the survey, many women are slow to breathe because they are too focused on their computers. Therefore, they should be reminded often to keep their breathing relaxed and relax!

Healthy Food

For example, deep-sea fish contain a large amount of DHA, which can improve the development of the retina of the eye and prevent diseases and cataracts. In addition, carrots, lemons, blueberries, nuts and liver And so on, often eat, can increase the body's anti-oxidant, but also effective eye protection, anti-aging phenomenon, do not count in one fell swoop?

Eat a variety of fruits

In particular citrus fruits, should also eat green vegetables, food, fish and eggs. Drink plenty of water to reduce eye dry also helps.

Maintain good working posture

Maintain a most appropriate posture, so that both eyes look down or slightly down on the computer screen, so that the neck muscles can be relaxed, and the eye area exposed to the air to a minimum.


Adjust the computer screen distance

The recommended distance of 50-70 cm, while the screen should be slightly below the eye level position 10 to 20 cm, was 15 to 20 degrees under the perspective. Because the angle and distance can reduce the demand for refractive, reducing the risk of eye fatigue.

Be careful to wear contact lenses

If you have less tear secretion, easy to dry eyes, the computer is not suitable for the use of contact lenses, to wear glasses. People wearing contact lenses in front of the computer, it is best to use a high degree of oxygen permeability varieties.

Sedentary family health methods

Le 29 juin 2017, 05:55 dans Humeurs 0

Sedentary family memory gradually declined

Sedentary family sedentary, blood circulation slowed down, it will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, wounded God damage the brain, resulting in mental distress, manifested as fatigue tired, apathetic, yawning. If suddenly stood up, there will be dizziness and other symptoms. Sedentary thinking of blood wounds Yin, the elderly will lead to memory loss, inattention. If Yin heart endogenous, but also lead to five upset hot, and toothache, throat, tinnitus, constipation embolism.

TCM treatment of sedentary family memory gradually declining Countermeasures: For your physical and mental health, do not sedentary chess, play mahjong, the elderly not to sedentary home not to close the door.


Office workers sedentary seven major hazards

Office long seat killed more than 4 hours

After sitting for four hours in a row, the body begins to emit harmful signals. The genes that regulate the amount of glucose and fat in the body start to shut down. For those who exercise regularly, sitting for long periods of time at their desks is not good for their health.

Sedentary head injury stomach let you eat not fragrant sleep sweet

Sedentary and less will result in decreased digestive function, let your loss of appetite, bloating and constipation. Sedentary and less can reduce your immune system, muscle atrophy, weakness, osteoporosis, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, obesity, sedentary and less will lead to cerebral insufficiency, mental fatigue, memory loss, sedentary sedentary You may even prematurely die ... ... sedentary and sedentary, it can be described as a lot of harm.

Sedentary favorite gynecological diseases

Because of the special physiological structure of women, women's private parts have long been in a humid environment, if coupled with long-term sedentary pelvic congestion is likely to lead to poor appendages and cervical blood circulation, but also makes the pudendal poor ventilation, so gynecology The disease is followed.preheat battery

Women sedentary easily lead to infertility

Frequent sitting in the office of women sedentary will lead to "ovarian hypoxia," which is a major cause of modern female infertility.

Bastard again in a sedentary, sedentary to make the upper body weight of the lower abdomen, including pelvic poor circulation, resulting in lack of blood supply to the ovary and hypoxia, thus affecting fertility. Really can not underestimate the "sedentary" harm!


Sedentary accelerate lumbar aging

Because when sitting, the waist to bear the pressure when standing 4-5 times larger. Long-term to maintain this posture unchanged, followed by changes in the body axis to further increase the lumbar stress.

This cumulative damage can degenerate aging disc herniation, narrowed intervertebral space, the overall compression of the lumbar spine shortened. Severe compression of nerves caused by lower limb numbness and other illnesses.

Sedentary favorite colon cancer

The risk of colon cancer in sedentary office workers is significantly higher than that of regular exercise and manual workers.

This is because long-term sitting in front of the desk to slow down the intestinal peristalsis, the harmful ingredients in the stool, including carcinogens in the colon and stimulate the intestinal mucosa retention, plus semen abdominal, pelvic, lumbosacral blood Poor circulation can lead to a decrease in intestinal immune barrier function, all of which increase the risk of colon cancer.

Inner Mongolia: To tour or not to tour

Le 8 juin 2017, 05:29 dans Humeurs 0

Inner Mongolia autonomous region enchants people as a natural escape with sprawling landscapes, captivating culture and fresh air that city dwellers rarely experience. However, its gargantuan size also makes some travelers feel so overwhelmed by the spanning options they struggle to decide where to even begin in the region the pavilia bay.


At least that's how I felt when trying to plan a trip to this destination. I’ve wanted to travel to Inner Mongolia autonomous region pretty much since I first arrived to China, and when I finally got the opportunity, there seemed to be two viable options: hop on a preplanned tour or try to figure out an alternative route by hiring a driver.


Commercial tours have opened the door for many who otherwise may be too intimidated to take on the vast region. Over 9.4 million tourists visited Ulanqab from January to August alone and 7.6 billion yuan ($1.14 billion) was spent on tourism, which is an increase of 11.1 percent from the year before, China Daily reported BBA scholarship.


Inner Mongolia autonomous region also saw about 8.54 million tourists over the National Day holiday, an increase of 21.5 percent from last year. And those numbers are set to increase as more money is pumped into the tourism industry dermes.

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