Give you a house of sunshine





From the beginning, I knew, I want to give you an orange room.




I particularly like the mix of orange and black, lively and yet stable.




I imagine, the sun through the orange curtains, shed the warmth of that house.




Outside the window, there are two tall trees with the window.




A lilac, in the spring will open a lavender flower.




There is a tree I do not know the name, this season, is open white flowers.




You will be a child growing up in the sun and the flowers.




As for the design of your room, I was single-handedly arranged from start to finish.




I want it to be childish and not too childish.




So you can stay here for a long time.




The walls of the room is the father personally brush, the wall painting is he hung for you.




And I assembled the red cupboard and black crib for you.




And personally design and production of hanging in the closet door on the orange little flag.




The two rocking chairs in the window,




One is mine, and I will sit there and feed you to sleep.




One is yours and you will have a lot of photos sitting on this rocking chair .




Your room will, of course, be decorated with owls.




This is my favorite bird, it is full of spirituality, is a symbol of wisdom.




Today is the first anniversary of our move into this house suv car rental.




The sun shone through the shutters and the orange curtains in the summer afternoon.




I began to look forward to next year, today, you and I, each sitting in their chairs, shake ah shake the afternoon time dermes.




- Dedicated to my soon-to-be-born child