Courtyard Yin cricket, shake off the red, is far apart.


Cloud House on couch, incense stacked people Meng. Embrace the screen, the dream to go, pillow Star weight.


Tengyun a wing, the Dragon Boat Festival will be, like love from the infinite love.


Jia Yu painting, hope my home. Set an instant Huan, a kiss kiss tears, a sudden crazy financial.


Raining Fenyang, bright days suddenly Hu Qingyu, Sanjiangkou steaming smoke fog, the breeze flourishing breeze, Lan raw silk, winding orchid floor, wrapped around the Dongshan Yunling. My lotus pond is a blossoming Qinglian Park, Tsui color yellow, Tada lotus leaf rolling on the Yu Zhu, nostalgia Xia Shi good intentions. Lotus under the carp swimming in the water, occasionally leaping out of the water waves, is to see my exquisite fragrant screen in your brilliant if Begonia Jiaoqiao peony smile, then shy sink into the bottom. Misty clouds floating gently Yun Yun, the cool breeze through the summer, a Chuan Bo, diffuse into the hall filled with our love, blowing I want you to leisurely heart, take my love to swim After the mountain, blowing the early summer of the colorful purple. I am with you the lingering shadow, ecstasy Qi dream reflected in the mountains, in full bloom pink branches Ran, flying million fluttering sky.


Summer flowers bright, spring return here, still win in March spring days. You see this pomegranate flowers covered with red trees, gardenia fragrance bursts, flowers big flowers like flowers on the disk, more wildflowers million kinds of ridge groaning a piece. I squeeze a leisurely time, foot riding breeze step cloud the shore, onyx clothing wind, sleeves Yunlan, think of your good, remembered your sweet, and your intimate Huai, pointing Sanjiang beauty, poetry, Fangdian. Inadvertently touched the pile of flowers, shake off bouquets, floral wet shirt into the arms, like you laughing tears of fluid wet my body feeling, aromatic suddenly Qinru heart. I Zaizhi light sniffing, my mind is full of you lose and I am infinite love 10,000 kinds of smiling faces Jiao Tzu, can not help but is the fragrance of infiltration of the body, enchanted soul fans. I miss you this occasion is shame Peach noodles, heart swing micro blue eye blurred, eye electric burning my passion burning, let me embrace you escape into an empty fairyland, drunk by Hongling Cuiwei, lingering misty rain scene magic.


Bamboo curl voiceless, Xianqi diffuse winding path, Lan Xiang waterfalls before the rhyme, mountains and water and we have unlimited affinity. Qinggao slender, empty spirituality, tenacity in the peak, as I Swordsman with you, sleeves blowing eyes smoke clouds, free beauty. From a strategic height and not with the world, strategizing and Kuang Yi Shu, palm capital and good Shangruo water, turn the day and the seclusion Taoyuan Zhao. Ruolan hidden in the pink Liulv, Xianlv stack of love in the lakes and mountains, happy lingering Shu volumes mingled in the misty drizzle. I give you warm shoulders, you give me ironing the cheeks, Yingying love language, warm melt crisp bone, sweet flowing heart of my heart. You puff laugh laugh, reminders opened behind a tree bonus, you like tears rolled down, rippling around the Cui Lang Yunbo. My man 's feelings are like the depths of your soft spirits, heaven and earth between the only flowers of the grass flowers, music sounds of nature, Bainiaozhaofeng contrast lingering love you and me.


Amidst Jiangnan, the rise and fall Pinnacle Emerald ink thousands of re-Youjing, if I Miao floating Lihong on the central, as you plucked a tie Crisp Bone Streamer, with your heart-year-old sweet warm. A blossoming bright red holding, summer flowers fly Man dance, bamboo wind wear ridge knock Yun Yun, my one-breasted feelings, long into the Tang and Song water transfer. I light rope slow twist lyre, pouring your love heart sound, blooming into poetry flower words, have through time and space, spilled down to the water side of our home to my warm hands, broad mind, gently touch the delicate if the immortal You, hug your heart rhyme and whisper. These days we have experienced a lot of ups and downs, rain or rain after the rain rose, the more love into the nirvana, deep into the marrow even more cherish, lingering by the bounds mad by the fresh. You will I mean, I will you mean, the flowers around will know, smiling nodded flower cloud to cover. Birds will also know, Cui Ming rhythm oblique to fly, interspersed to come and go as a guard, butterfly dragonfly will know, even ti double flowers, the fall Man dance love, romantic poetry and painting .


Quiet landscape, bright smoke Lan, Xia Yun in the wilderness, encrusted with my love grows spring unlimited. Looking back winding path, eagerly in front of the glorious years, down to earth love at every step, I work with you broke into a brilliant Eden Paradise. Our love song, beating the blending heart rhythm, soft flowing flowing with a lapel Chunxu, passionate burning of the verdant years. Our hot-pressing scene, and the flowers blossom juice melt, as long as the shock wave shot heart shore, wrapped in like fire in the tenderness, you drunk incense dumping country city, Biao love filled with smoke misty rain blanket. We love the long march from this life to the afterlife, a lifetime of happiness together, an instant is five degrees of spring, summer, autumn and winter. How many day and night to know each other to accompany, in worry-free river wind Yinong months, poetry and painting lingering, Xiangruyimu suck kindness, heart melt soul bath love. How many times embraced the dream of Datang, in the past life through the interlude, continued to play a sense of heaven and earth Huan love plot, dream dream drink lingering, drunk Jiangshan drunk SEO Hong Kong.


Lifted the eyes of the North, cloud water surging, surging my pride. Read his wife think of children, Wang Chuanqiu Shui, when to phase out a dream dermes vs medilase? When the end of the sun, a time when we painted children, happy moments, I have been difficult to restrain you and your baby together a reunion of the affection. Prepare to pack early, filled with a box of thoughts, waiting for the holiday boarding, a winged thousands of miles Linyi River, and you spend a good month to describe the situation, funny children enjoy the Tianlun. Good wife you do not worry, I am returning to you day and night. BoA you do not trouble, dad has brought you a small treasure. At this juncture, the rain Qinglang, thousands of wire harmonic string beat heart, flow Qian phase by, by my heart and soul to the north. Lean on a railing stare, tears of joy thousands of lines, your most kind of figure reflected in my face, obedient BoA also waving to me. Dream wake up in prayer, the final interpretation of me and your real life, the most exciting happy music. Yu Bi, you wait for me to brush off your heart cream, the sweet love alcohol day and night to taste, laughing flowers on the swing of the Spring River, water Ruhuan Ruzaoruo Kuang, flower candle poetry Yin lying curtain, mandarin duck Fantasy Township There's already in the market, vape cartridge for herbal extract, aka herbal concentrates! Its full ceramic body and metal seal makes it healthier and leak proof. The cartridges are easier to re-fill as well!