According to the news of Chutian Metropolis Daily on January 12, this afternoon, students of Wuhan University 2017 Humanities Experiment Class ushered in the final exam of "Ancient Chinese Literature" class. At the moment of seeing the "Test Paper" issued, The students had a riot - awe-inspiring This paper is full of a piece of paper is not a test paper, but the paper shows another piece of white paper is the real test paper, as the topic Mody, please live out.

Since it is their own test, it is not the most simple question? "No!" Instructor Lu Xiaojun said that the question can not be too simple, the discretion of the paper will be considered when the difficulty factor. "For example, ask Si Maqian what dynasty, what books have been written, this can not; ask Si Maqian is who, that's fine." He said the exam length of 2 hours, papers must include 10 fill in the blank, 4 terms explained Questions, 4 short answer questions, a discourse on the topic, the title of the pre-Qin and Han Dynasties Wei, Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties, in order to ensure the difficulty, he made a Tao example under each question type.

Reporters saw in the sample volume, the score is not easy. A short 10-point question, if you ask the "Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties" is the Book of Songs "how to teach?", The answer will be eloquent four articles: In the late spring and Autumn, Confucius compiled the "Book of Songs" ; During the Warring States Period, the "Book of Songs" was only more Confucian respect; Qin Dynasty "The Book of Songs" did not escape the Qin but more complete preservation for various reasons; the Han Dynasty to the Han Dynasty was regarded as classic, famous four , Explain the history of the four heritage ......

"Examinations in this way not only give students the freedom but also test the students' basic skills. If you do not learn well, you may find it hard to come up with the difficult questions I give." Lu Xiaojun said he especially welcomes students Put forward your own thinking on a certain question, give more points to the students who have a difficult question and have independent thinking. "We advocate the reform of examination methods, I think, such an interesting and useful examination, the students will firmly remember." Wuhan University, Wang Huimin, deputy party secretary said.

Interestingly, I give myself a test paper, not only university teachers like primary school teachers also praise. Hubei Province, a super teacher, Optics Valley fifteen mathematics teacher Zhang Xianmei told reporters that she is a recount trick is that students from each test papers test each other, but also need to prepare the reference answer. "In order to test the students, the children will come out the most difficult question they feel, which is exactly the difficulty for him. In the process of preparing the answer, he had to understand it. Such a review would be very effective.